A water hammer arrester (arrestor) is a device that has a chamber that can absorb the effects of a close turn water shut off valve. They are mandated by code and should be installed if you do not currently have them, as they can prevent damage to your homes piping as well as the irritation of banging pipes.

Water Hammer Arrester

Causes of Water Hammering

Sudden stoppage of the water (a non-compressible liquid) flowing at a given pressure and velocity causes a surge or spike of pressure and is called water hammer. When this occurs a pressure wave travels back through the piping until it finds a point of relief. The noise from banging pipes is caused by shocks of high speed water flowing in the piping system when a fixture is suddenly closed. These are often caused by solenoid controlled shut off valves.

These kind of shut off valves are typically found in dishwashers, ice makers, and washing machines. There are some in the trade that would argue a fill valve in a toilet can cause a hammer as well. We also believe this is possible and have solved several hammering issues installing the arrester at the toilet supply.

The new touchless kitchen faucets made by Moen and Delta also have a solenoid-controlled valve that can cause  hammering in the system. Usually, we find that if there is one installed for the dishwasher and ice maker line, those can help serve these types of faucets as well.

How Water Hammer Arresters Work

Water Hammer Arresters have a sealed air chamber to absorb the shock. The sealed chamber prevents the loss of air to the water and ensures long and trouble-free life.

If you feel you have a watering hammer issue, or that your home may not be code compliant, give Champion Plumbing & Drain Cleaning in Canton, GA a call. We will be glad to inspect and diagnose any related issues you may have due to the lack of hammer arresters.

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