Power vent water heaters are a good choice when you need a flexible alternative to an atmospheric type of vented gas water heater. Some homes do not have the space or ability to have a flue run up and out vertically through their roof.

Often, a Direct Vent Water Heater is a superior choice, but these units have distance limitations for the flue piping. Learn more on our Direct Vent Water Heater page.

Maybe you have had an electric water heater and might be looking for a higher FHR and a quicker recovery time.

How Power Vent Water Heaters Work

Power Vent Water HeaterPower vent water heaters offer this solution because they can be vented with PVC, and offer more flexibility with where they can be located. The gases from the burned fuel are expelled by a forced air fan through the PVC flue piping. This minimizes the possibility of any back drafting or potential carbon monoxide leakage.

Drawbacks of Power Vent Water Heaters

One of the drawbacks to consider when choosing a power vent water heater is the upfront cost. These units cost 75% more than a standard gas water heater and do not improve the efficiency as well as a Tankless or Hybrid unit.

They require electricity. Yes, these units will need to be plugged into the 120 VAC in order to work. The blower motor mounted on the top of the units need electricity to function as does the thermostat and pilot assembly. This can be disappointing to electric water heater owners who are looking to switch so they can have hot water during a power outage.

A smaller issue would be the noise that the blower motors can generate. It is not as loud as a furnace but you will hear it.

Sometimes during a renovation or addition a conventional gas water heater is no longer an option. This is usually because the framing engineering or codes don’t allow for it. This is the best use of power vent water heaters.

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