Among the newer alternatives out there for your water heating pleasure are Hybrid Water Heaters.
These water heaters tend to have more upfront cost but can save you money in the long run.
Some of the choices in Hybrid water heating technology include:

  • Gas fired water heaters
  • Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water heaters


Hybrid Water HeatersThese water heaters are ultra-high efficient, and more than likely energy star rated. This will often qualify you for a rebate or energy tax credit.

One thing to consider with gas fired Hybrid Water Heaters is that with ultra-high efficiency comes condensation. You will need to drain the condensation in an appropriate code approved manner. Another consideration is that almost all Hybrid Water Heaters require electricity.

Some gas- fired models require the use of a combustion analyzer to fine tune the burner assembly during the initial start-up. This is still a relatively new area for water heater manufacturers and it looks like the future is bright.

There are numerous advantages to Hybrid technology depending on your unique situation and needs.

The best way to orientate yourself on the many benefits of Hybrid technology is to look at the following example from Rheem:

  • Savings: pays for itself in less than 2-years thanks to an amazing 3.50 energy factor and features that deliver long-term savings
  • Provides an estimated energy cost savings of more than $4,300 over 10 years when compared to the estimated annual operating cost of a standard electric water heater of like capacity manufactured prior to 2015
  • Smartest: exclusive water leak detection, other protective alerts and service notifications are sent straight to your phone for added peace-of-mind
  • Quietest: operates at a sound level just above a whisper in other words, you won’t even notice it’s on
  • Peace-of-mind savings: avoid costly repairs due to water heater leaks that can total up to $4,444 in savings thanks to built-in leak detection
  • Purchase savings: look for savings through your state and local government or utility provider
  • Mobile alerts for peace-of-mind and convenience: keep your family’s hot water flowing and home protected with maintenance, service, major component, water leak detection and high pressure/temperature alerts sent straight to your phone
  • Smart hot water: smart features like energy saver and high demand modes allow our hybrid to provide more hot water when needed while using less energy overall
  • Wi-Fi and smart home compatible: built-in Wi-Fi for monitoring and managing your water heater (EcoNet app required)
  • Works with nest: integrate with your nest home automation system for added convenience
  • More hot water: provides more hot water than many standard residential electric models, providing ample hot water for households with 3-5 people or homes with 3+ bathrooms
  • Easy installation: easily accessible electrical junction box for convenient hook up and drop-in replacement for nearly any standard electric water heater
  • Easy to maintain: premium brass drain valve for easy draining and stainless-steel elements that prevent buildup


That is a good example of the many features and savings that you can find with several different manufactures.

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