A hot water recirculating system enables you to receive instant hot water at any fixture. This is accomplished by a pump mounted at or near your water heater. A dedicated line or Bypass Valve then enable the water to flow back to and through the water heater creating an endless loop of hot water.

What You Need to Make it Work

Hot Water Recirculating SystemYou will need a pump and a standard 120 volt outlet near the water heater for the pump. Most pumps have a 10′ power cord.

Benefits of a Hot Water Recirculating System

The primary benefits are comfort, energy, and water savings. No more waiting for hot water. Do you find yourself waiting for the hot water to arrive after turning on your shower? Maybe you turn on the shower and then disrobe, getting the towel ready, etc. We all have done this because nobody likes stepping into a cold shower.

It is estimated that a single family can waste up to 20,000 gallons of water a year waiting for it to become hot. That is treated clean water going down the drain. Collectively this turns into millions of gallons of water down the drain in the US annually. In addition, there is BTU loss creating more energy cost.

Hot Water Recirculating Systems Stop Water Waste

Along with the instant gratification of hot water, and the reduction of wasted water, you also extend the life of your water heater because reintroducing hot water into the cold side keeps the tank warmer.

Most residential hot water recirculating pumps are programmable. This is allows you to set the timer on the pump to only operate during the times you need the instant hot water. Some homeowners choose to leave them running all the time, which is fine because it costs only about $0.05 a day to operate.

Other ways to actuate the pump may include a push button starter somewhere inside the bathroom. This turns the pump on. When it detects a certain temperature rise in the hot water, it turns itself off. When you open the water valve, the water is already hot.

More technologies include motion detectors and home automation which can turn the pump on automatically.

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