They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A sewer & drain line camera inspection allows us a peak inside the pipe so we no longer have to speculate or guess as to what could be wrong or obstructing it. The camera allows us with great precision to locate the obstruction and mark its location. We can record the footage to a flash drive or SD card so that you can view the footage yourself.

Sewer & Drain Line Camera Inspection

Sewer & Drain Line CameraWhen we cannot get a good read from the sonde on the camera (due to interference), we can induce a floating transponder that can trace and map out the entire sanitary system.

When you want to be certain a drain or sewer is completely cleaned and free of obstructions, a camera inspection is the only way to know with certainty.

If you suspect you may have a problem and think a sewer camera could help, contact Champion Plumbing & Drain Cleaning in Canton, GA to schedule a camera inspection.


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