We’re going to let you in on a plumbing secret. The secret of proper plumbing system venting is passed down from Master Plumber to Master Plumber.

Plumbing System Venting

Venting is everything in your plumbing system. Let’s imagine a home’s plumbing system without it. When you flush the toilet guess what would happen? To drain water you need air. Water, as it flows down the pipe, naturally pulls air with it. So where does the air come from? It’s provided by your plumbing system’s venting. The  white pipes coming out of your roof allow the sanitary system to pull the necessary air it needs to drain the water without affecting the other fixtures in your home.

Let’s put it another way. Have you ever stuck a straw down into your drink and then placed your finger over the top of the straw? When you do this, you are then able to lift the straw out of the drink while keeping the liquid in the straw. If you lift your finger off the straw, the liquid flows out of the straw because now it can pull air. This is how the draining system in your home works. Without air the water cannot drain freely.

Knowing how to vent and in what order to vent is the secret to having a great plumbing system. The plumbing codes provide the basic rules, but it is the knowledge and skill of the plumber that truly makes the difference. Squirrels, birds, leaves, code violations, GPM ratings, and pipe size can also come into play. It can be the most deceptive part of the plumbing system while being the most important.

This is where Champion Plumbing & Drain Cleaning in Canton, GA can help. We have decades of combined experience dealing with venting problems. We can diagnose and repair any problem you may be having for a fraction of the cost of other plumbing contractors. We can say this because we have done it many times.

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