We rely on an efficient sewer lines to carry water from our homes and businesses on a daily basis. When these vital plumbing components start to fail, you will experience significant disruption to your daily routine. Whether it’s sewer line that is backing up or a worn out water line, Champion Plumbing & Drain Cleaning can help. To learn more about our drain cleaning services visit our dedicated Drain Cleaning Services page.

For almost 20 years, we have helped homeowners in Canton, GA with all their sewer line repairs and installations. Our technicians are trained, experienced, licensed, insured so you get peace of mind knowing the work is being carried out by reliable professionals.

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What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

There are many issues that contribute to sewer line problems. Some of the most common sewer line problems are caused by the following:

Roots: Tree roots cause major issues with sewer lines because the roots always reach for a fresh source of water. If your sewer line happens to be in the way of this, the root will burst through the line, causing immense damage.

Age: Old and worn out pipes should be replaced right away. Using chemical drain cleaners in your drains will also speed up the wear and tear process on the sewer line.

Temperatures: A sudden spike in the outside temperature could cause the ground to shift and result in a disconnected or damaged sewer line.

Any number of these issues will result in needing professional repair or sewer line replacement services.

Signs You Need Sewer Pipe Repair or Replacement

Diagnosing sewer problems should be left to the professionals. However, if you know the signs and symptoms of sewer problems, you can make sure you call for help at the right time. Watch out for the following issues in your home that indicate a sewer line problem:

  • Foul odors coming from the drain.
  • Dirty water with roots and branches backing up into the sink or tub.
  • Overflowing toilets or sinks.
  • Trouble flushing the toilet or waiting a long time for the toilet to refill after flushing.
  • Slow-draining water in your sink or tub.
  • Standing water in the sink or tub.


If you notice any of these problems, call the experts at Champion Plumbing & Drain Cleaning right away for safe and effective sewer line installation and repair service.

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