Refrigerators with built-in ice makers are a common part of any modern kitchen. There are two primary types of ice makers: in-freezer and in-door. The in-freezer type makes ice cubes and drops them into a container. The in-door type may be able to offer a variety of types of ice including cube, crushed, and blended.

Ice makers are easy to hook-up if you already have a water supply line behind your refrigerator. If not, give Champion Plumbing & Drain Cleaning in Canton, GA a call, and we’ll install a water line for you.

Water Hammer Arrester

Whether you need a water line or not, the new Plumbing Code requires that a Water Hammer Arrester be installed. Water hammer arresters will protect both your plumbing system from fatigue and your new appliance.

Ice Makers

Ice makers are electro-mechanical devices that use solenoid valves, timers, and motors to produce a supply of virtually limitless ice. Ice is made when the solenoid valve opens to fill the ice tray assembly. It’s timed to allow just enough water in to fill the tray. Afterwards, another timing operation begins which determines the length of time necessary to wait before emptying the tray into the ice container. After this is accomplished the process begins again.

In-door ice makers have a second motorized system in the door of the refrigerator. This motor can crush and dispense ice when the lever on the front of the door is operated.

Under Counter Ice Makers

If you need large quantities of ice for entertaining you should consider an under-counter ice maker. These handy devices can make an average of 12 lbs of ice per day.

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