Having a gas log fireplace makes enjoying those cold winter evenings with family and friends safer and easier. No need for starter logs or kindling, just ignite the fire and kick back.

Gas Log Fireplaces

Installing a gas log fireplace is a great idea. No more crackling embers being tossed on your carpet, or the dreaded cleanup of the ashes. Depending on the type of gas fireplace you purchase it may be able to actually help heat your home.

Types of Gas Log Fireplaces

Vented Gas Log Fireplaces

Vented gas log sets are made to be used in fireplaces that would be capable of a real wood-burning fire. Even though gas burns cleaner than wood, it is still important to have your chimney cleaned and inspected periodically.

Vented gas logs look more like a real wood fire. Deep yellowish-red colored flames will leap through the logs, creating the illusion that the logs are burning. Vented gas logs produce a taller flame, allowing them to look more like a wood fire.

The damper is required to be open, just as in a traditional wood fire. This is a drawback with vented log sets. They are less energy efficient when compared to vent-less logs.

Vent-less Gas Log Fireplaces

Vent-less gas log sets are unique in that they produce little or no exhaust. Due to this the log set can be used with the damper closed. With vent-less gas logs, about 99% of the heat produced is circulated back into the room. Vent-less units come standard with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS). The ODS will alert you if oxygen levels get too low.

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