Champion Plumbing & Drain Cleaning offers licensed and insured gas line repair to homes and business. In many cases you won’t be able to identify the source of the gas line leak. We offer gas line leak detection services that allow us to quickly identify the source. Once the source is determined we can begin the repair.

Gas Line Repair

The gas lines in your home could be comprised of three different types of pipes:

  • Black Iron
  • Copper
  • Flexible Corrugated Steel


Black Iron is the oldest and most widely used gas piping in old and new homes today. It is strong, durable and last many years inside of a home.

Many high pressure gas systems in condo or high rises, and some homes, are piped in ½’’ type M or L copper. The gas pressure is usually 2 psi on a high pressure gas system. This system also requires regulators to be installed at each fixture being served to bring the pressure down to the normal 7-11 wc. (This low pressure is usually measured using a manometer.)

Flexible corrugated steel piping with a rubber shield and brass connections has become one of the more popular choices in recent years to provide gas piping to new and existing homes. The benefit for the installer is the saved time in labor. Since the pipe is flexible and has a different type of connection system, there is no need for threading or soldering, thus speeding up the install. This type of piping is more expensive. It is important to make sure the installer is certified by the manufacturer or this could void the warranty. It is also important to make sure the piping is grounded.

Once the repair is completed we test for leaks with the latest in gas leak detection technology. This not only assures us that the problem is resolved, but it offers you additional peace of mind.

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