There’s no better way to prepare food than using gas cooktops, stoves, ranges, and ovens. Unlike electric, gas provides instant heat thereby reducing the time it takes to warm a pot or pan. Gas is not only more energy efficient, natural gas costs less than electricity. So gas appliances are an all-around better choice than their electric counterparts.

Gas Ranges & Stoves

Gas ranges (AKA Stoves) are the most common type of cooking appliance found in American homes. They are a combination of a cooktop and oven.

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops come in a variety of widths and styles to allow for custom kitchen designs. They can allow you to have a wider cooking area with more burners than what might be possible with a standard 30″ range.

Gas Ovens

Built-in gas ovens come in a variety of configurations. The double oven allows you to cook different dishes at different temperatures. In some variations they may also include a warming drawer.

Built-in gas ovens make it easier to see the food while it is cooking compared to that of a range. The doors are higher and don’t require you to bend over to peer inside.

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