Bidets and toilet bidet combos are a poplar option for upscale bathrooms. They are a type of sink intended for washing the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus of the human body. The earliest written reference to a bidet was in 1726 in Italy.

Environmentally Friendly

From an environmental standpoint, bidets can reduce the need for toilet paper, saving households money on paper products and allowing users to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their paper waste over time. Considering that an average person uses only 1/8th gallon of water for cleansing using a bidet, much less water is used compared to the amount of water required to make toilet paper.

People with Disabilities

Bidets are becoming increasingly popular with the ageing community, or for use among people with physical disabilities.

Champion Plumbing & Drain Cleaning can install a new bidet next to your existing toilet, or as part of a new toilet/bidet combo.

Electronic Bidet

The electronic bidet is an invention of the Japanese. It’s a very practical bidet option because it sits atop a traditional toilet, thereby saving space. It includes such features as a night light and heated seat. What not to like about the electronic bidet!

Bidet Seat

Another option is to install a bidet seat. A bidet seat is less expensive than a bidet and doesn’t require any extensive plumbing work.

Bidet Shower

The least expensive option, and actually one of the best from a purely hygienic perspective, is the shower bidet.

Bidet Experts

Champion Plumbing & Drain Cleaning in Canton, GA is your local bidet expert. Give us a call to learn how you can begin enjoying a bidet in your bathroom today.

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