High quality and long lasting bathroom faucets & sinks are essential to having a trouble free lavatory. Dripping and leaking faucets are the source of so many bathroom regrets. So often we see folks putting in granite counter tops but using cheaply made faucets that will start to drip or fail within a few years. Don’t make this mistake! Let us help guide you through choosing a well made faucet that will last a lifetime.

How to Judge a High Quality Bathroom Faucet

When you go to the local home big box store you’re met with a dizzying array of beautiful bathroom faucets. Don’t be fooled into believing that all or equal, or that price is indicative of quality. Many of these faucets are beautiful out of the box, but begin to corrode and the finish flakes off after a few years of use.

It’s almost possible to judge the quality of a faucet based on it weight. In most cases the weight of the faucet is a sign of the type of components of which it is comprised. Brass and copper are heavier than plastic and pot metal.

Take the faucet out of its packaging and look at the mounting tubes. Are the copper or plastic? Do you best to determine the build quality of the rest of the components.If it appears to be well constructed then it cost more to manufacture.

Reliability and Repair-ability

The best and most reliable designs are those which have been around for decades. Newer designs may be great too but you won’t know until they are several years old. An important question to ask before purchasing a new bathroom faucet is the availability of parts. All faucets have parts that will need to be replaced after several years of use. Brands like Delta and Moen almost always offer parts for decades. No-name in-house brands from the big box stores may not be repairable in the future. To learn more visit our page Bathroom Faucet Repair & Replacement.

Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks come in three varieties: over counter mount, under counter mount, and built-in. Under counter mount sinks are used with solid surface counter tops such as granite. Over counter mount sinks are used with Formica covered wood. Built-in sinks are a part of a composite counter top.

The biggest benefit of under counter mount sinks is cleanup. This is also true of built-in sinks. It’s much easier to simply wipe them down without having to work your way around the caulked lip of over counter mount designs.

Bathroom Sink Quality

Both over and under counter mount sinks come in different quality levels. Cast iron is the highest quality but it’s porcelain covering can be chipped. Stainless steel is a good option and comes in different gauges (thickness). The heavier the gauge the more durable the sink will be.

Built-in sinks are good but have a limited life-span due to the breaking down of the composite material around the drains. After about 20 years you will notice that the material is starting to fracture around the drains. This, however, is only true if the sink is used regularly. When used in spare bathrooms they can last much longer.

Cost vs Longevity

A granite counter top with a cast iron sink can last for several lifetimes, but it is also the most expensive. Using stainless will reduce the cost and the longevity is the same, if not more, but it’s a bit noisier when water is run.

The most inexpensive option is built-in sinks. They are quiet like cast iron, but have a shorter lifespan.

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